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The 7 Best Thanksgiving Desserts That Aren’t Pie

Pumpkin Cheesecake: A creamy and rich dessert that combines the flavors of pumpkin pie with the decadence of cheesecake.

 Apple Crisp: Sliced apples are baked with a crumbly topping of oats, sugar, and spices, resulting in a warm and comforting treat.

Pecan Bars: These bars capture the essence of pecan pie in a more portable and snackable form.

Bread Pudding: A warm and custardy dessert made from cubed bread, sugar, milk, and various flavorings like cinnamon or raisins.

Cranberry Upside-Down Cake: A tart and sweet twist on the classic upside-down cake, with cranberries and a buttery, caramelized topping.

Sweet Potato Casserole: A classic Thanksgiving side dish that's so sweet and indulgent it can easily double as a dessert.

Pumpkin Roll: A rolled sponge cake filled with a creamy pumpkin-flavored filling, often dusted with powdered sugar.

Chocolate Mousse: A velvety, chocolatey dessert that's light and airy, offering a contrast to the traditional Thanksgiving meal.