How To Make The Finest Burgers Ever

Which cut to use?

Cooks' biggest dilemma: which burger cut to use? Chuck steak is one of the tastiest cuts of beef due to its high fat content and flavorful flavor. Buying ground beef is usually chuck, but if you grind your own, chuck is best.

Fat matter

Look for ground beef with 20% fat to avoid dry burgers. Chicken and turkey burgers too. Instead of breast meat, use ground turkey leg and chicken thigh for a juicier burger.

Seasoning is crucial

If your handmade burgers seem bland, you probably didn't use enough salt and pepper. Use fresh black pepper and sea salt for optimum flavor. Sea salt brings out flavor without much effort. 

Should I add an egg?

Many cooks add beaten eggs to ground beef to bind and soften it. One egg per 1lb (500g) meat is enough. The egg isn't necessary if you use high-fat ground beef. 

Make a dent in the center

Since patties rise while cooking, put a thumb dent in the center for flawlessly flat burgers. You want a smooth surface for your cheese and a great shape so the burger fits properly onto the bread.

Perfectly formed

To cook evenly and fit neatly between buns, all burgers should be the same size. It's best to weigh the meat before creating patties or use a simple burger maker. Because they shrink after cooking, raw burgers should be somewhat larger than the bun.

Should I add onion?

It's up to you. Onion adds flavor to ground beef, but it must be finely diced and used sparingly. One small onion per 1lb (500g) of meat is plenty without overpowering the flavor. 

Spice it up

Your burger will taste different with added flavor. Dried herbs like Italian seasoning or fresh thyme and parsley work great. Consider chile, smoked paprika, and ground cilantro for spice.

The best burger bun

There are many buns besides the sesame-seeded burger bun. Brioche is trendy, but its sweetness isn't for everyone. Kaiser rolls are airy and suitable for larger burgers

Cheese, please

We love pre-sliced Cheddar, Monterey Jack, or Emmental because burgers need melting cheese. Brie or Camembert, with the peel on, add saltiness and savory flavor. Gruyère and Comté are delicious Alpine cheeses.