Emirates Airlines Announces Massive Plane Order With Boeing

A prominent airline in the Mideast Gulf region unveiled a significant declaration at the Dubai Air Show this morning.

A total of 90 777X aircraft have been ordered by Emirates, of which 55 777-9 and 35 777-8 flights are included. The new order brings the inventory of Emirates 777X family aircraft to 205. 

Emirates has elevated its widebody fleet to an artistic level in order to contend with Etihad, another Gulf carrier, and its exclusive offering, The Apartment.

The association between Emirates and Boeing originated with the airline's initial 777 order in 1992. Today, Emirates operates a fleet of approximately 150 777 aircraft.

This order is an incredible vote of confidence in the versatility of our 777X and 787 aircraft to meet Emirates' needs for global long-haul travel and in the highly efficient widebody family of Boeing.

The 777-9 and 777-8 are the perfect airplanes to support Emirates' growth, improving environmental performance and unmatched payload capability along the way.

Boeing asserts that the 777-9 will have the lowest operating cost per seat of any commercial aircraft and will be the largest and most fuel-efficient twin-engine jet in the world. 

The 777-8 is capable of carrying 395 passengers over a range of 8,745 nautical miles. Emirates and United Airlines extended their codeshare agreement earlier this autumn.

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