Animals With The Shortest Lifespan


The dainty mayfly, an insect found all over the world in clean freshwater habitats, has the shortest lifespan of any known animal. It's on this planet for just 24 hours.

Luna moth

Distributed across North America, the beautiful Luna moth graces the Earth for an average of just seven days.


More often heard but not seen, cicadas are the composers of a resonant song associated with hot, dry climates.

Worker bee

The industrious honey worker bee literally works itself to death, spending its short life of around 35 days flying to scout or collect nectar and pollen.

Panther chameleon

The panther chameleon, native to Madagascar, has an average lifespan of 12 months.


The dragonfly has been on this planet for at least 325 million years. Known for their speed and dexterity in flight, these striking insects experience an equally fleeting lifecycle, no longer than 180 days.

Labord’s chameleon

Endemic to Madagascar, Labord’s chameleon has the shortest lifespan ever recorded for a four-legged vertebrate, anywhere between four to five months.


Mosquitos are the deadliest animals in the world, killing an estimated 750,000 to one million humans annually.


Shrews are found worldwide in a variety of habitats. They are near hyperactive in behavior, constantly foraging for food and fiercely territorial.

Ant drone

Drones are the only male ants in a colony. Resembling wasps, these insects take to the skies on the same day as virgin queens to mate during their nuptial flight.

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