9 Uncommon (But Delicious) Steaks You Should Always Order at Steakhouses

Flat Iron Steak: – Cut from the shoulder, it's flavorful and tender when cooked correctly.

Tri-Tip Steak: – A triangular cut from the sirloin, known for its rich flavor.

Hanger Steak: – A cut with robust flavor, best when cooked medium-rare.

Tomahawk Steak: – Ribeye attached to a long bone, offering a visually striking presentation.

Coulotte Steak: – Cut from the sirloin cap, it's lean yet tender.

Picanha Steak: – A Brazilian cut from the top sirloin, known for its juicy and robust taste.

Chuck Eye Steak: – Similar to ribeye but more economical, with great marbling.

Denver Steak: – A tender cut from the chuck, gaining popularity for its tenderness.