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9 Ugly Facts About Abraham Lincoln

Depression and Melancholy: Lincoln struggled with mental health issues, experiencing bouts of depression and melancholy throughout his life.

Suspension of Habeas Corpus: During the Civil War, Lincoln suspended habeas corpus, allowing for the arrest and detention of individuals without trial.

 Press Censorship: Lincoln implemented censorship of the press during the Civil War, restricting certain publications to maintain support for the Union.

Treatment of Native Americans: Lincoln's administration continued policies that displaced and mistreated Native American populations.

Execution of Dakota Warriors: Lincoln approved the largest mass execution in U.S. history, ordering the hanging of 38 Dakota warriors in 1862.

 Military Leadership Criticisms: Lincoln faced criticisms for his handling of military matters, including initial struggles in finding effective generals.

Use of Political Patronage: Lincoln engaged in political patronage, appointing friends and allies to key positions, which led to charges of cronyism.

 Personal Relationships and Estrangement: Lincoln's marriage to Mary Todd was marked by personal difficulties, including periods of estrangement and grief over the death of their son Willie.