9 Tips for Wearing Wide-Leg Jeans Over 60, Stylists Say

Proportion is Key: Pair wide-leg jeans with fitted tops to create a balanced silhouette, avoiding an overly baggy look.

High-Rise Styles: Opt for high-rise wide-leg jeans to flatter the waistline and elongate the legs, creating a more polished appearance.

Tuck in Tops: Tucking in your top can define the waist and showcase the wide-leg style, adding structure to the outfit.

Choose Dark Washes: Dark washes are often more flattering and versatile, offering a sophisticated look suitable for various occasions.

Tailored Fit: Ensure the wide-leg jeans fit well in the hips and thighs to maintain a tailored and put-together appearance.

Heeled Shoes: Pair wide-leg jeans with heels to add height and enhance the overall proportion of the outfit.

Monochromatic Styling: Opt for a monochromatic color scheme to create a streamlined and chic look, emphasizing the wide-leg style.

Experiment with Patterns: While keeping the fit classic, feel free to experiment with patterns or textures to add interest to your outfit.