9 Things to Never Buy at Kroger


Kroger typically carries a limited selection of electronics, and you may find better deals and options at dedicated electronics stores or online retailers.

Small Appliances

Similar to electronics, small kitchen appliances can be more expensive at Kroger compared to stores specializing in home appliances.

Office Supplies

Office supplies like pens, paper, and notebooks are often priced higher at grocery stores like Kroger compared to office supply stores.

Books and Magazines

Kroger's book and magazine selection can be limited and pricier than what you'd find at a bookstore or newsstand.

Baby Products

While Kroger offers baby products, you may find better deals and a broader selection at stores specializing in baby supplies.

Pet Supplies

Specialty pet stores or online retailers often offer a wider range of pet supplies and may have better prices than Kroger.

Party Supplies

For parties and special occasions, party supply stores typically offer a more extensive selection and better prices than grocery stores.

Clothing and Apparel

 Kroger may have a small selection of clothing, but you're likely to find better options and prices at clothing stores or online retailers.