8 Iron-Rich Foods You Need To Add To Your Diet


If you tend to opt for sweet potatoes, here's a good excuse to eat regular taters a little more often: While the sweet guys have only 1.2 mg of iron per potato, russet, red and white ones have 3.2 mg. 


Yet another reason almonds are a great snack to have in your bag, at your desk or in your car: One cup contains 5.3 mg of iron. 


When it comes to iron-packed veggies, it's hard to beat Popeye's favorite: spinach. When cooked, it has 6.4 mg per cup — and that'll only cost you 41 calories. 


A bunch of this powerhouse vegetable is a delicious way to add 4.4 mg of iron to stir-fries, salads, omelettes, or side dishes. 

Black Beans

When you want to up your iron intake, reach for the beans. "I love keeping canned pulses like beans, lentils, and chickpeas on hand," Gorin says. 

Pumpkin Seeds 

Delicious, convenient, and super portable, lightly salted pumpkin seeds also contain 2.1 mg of iron per cup. 

Dried Apricots 

A cup of dried apricots — the perfect sweet treat when you're feeling hangry — also contain 3.5 mg of iron. 

Dark Chocolate 

Yes, chocolate is a great source of iron — but you have to eat the dark varieties to get your healthy fix. You can get 11.9 mg of the mineral per 100 grams. 

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