12 Great Places to Retire Where Health Care Is Good

Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, USA: The Twin Cities boast excellent healthcare facilities and are home to the Mayo Clinic, known for its world-class medical care.

Melbourne, Australia: Australia's healthcare system is renowned for its quality, and Melbourne has numerous top-rated hospitals and medical facilities.

Singapore: Singapore consistently ranks high for healthcare, with a robust medical infrastructure and a focus on medical tourism.

Zurich, Switzerland: Switzerland's healthcare system is highly regarded, and Zurich offers a range of top-notch medical services.

 Barcelona, Spain: Spain has an excellent healthcare system, and Barcelona, in particular, offers a combination of quality care and a high quality of life.

Toronto, Canada: Canada's healthcare is known for its accessibility, and Toronto has some of the country's leading medical facilities.

 Munich, Germany: Germany is famous for its healthcare, and Munich has a wealth of healthcare options and a high standard of living.

Panama City, Panama: Panama has a growing healthcare industry, with modern hospitals and clinics in Panama City.