10 Costco Clearance Deals You Need Right Now!

Electronics: Keep an eye out for discounted TVs, laptops, and other tech gadgets.

 Appliances: Clearance sales often include large and small appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves.

Furniture: You might find marked-down furniture, including sofas, chairs, and outdoor patio sets.

 Clothing and Footwear: Seasonal clothing and footwear items often go on clearance.

Home Decor: Look for discounted home decor items like rugs, curtains, and wall art.

Groceries: Non-perishable food items and bulk goods may go on clearance, offering great value.

Sporting Goods: Score deals on items like workout equipment, bicycles, and outdoor gear.

Toys and Games: Keep an eye out for discounted toys, games, and children's items.